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Reliable rental silos to match your cement and flyash storage needs.

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Portable Auxiliary Rental Silos

Our rental silo fleet comes in various storage capacities to match your needs for cement and flyash storage. Each silo is equipped with all the accessories you need for turn-key operation. Simply pair your silo with a discharge auger at your desired discharge height, and you are ready to rock!

Rental Silo Model

Capacities Available


135 Ton Portable Auxiliary Silo

Volume: 135 Ton @ 90#/cuft

Diameter: 11' 0"

Height: ~43'


70 Ton Portable Auxiliary Silo

Volume: 70 Ton @ 90#/cuft

Diameter: 9' 6"

Height: ~33'

Rental Conditions

Included Accessories

  • Four Lifting Points
  • Shipping Saddles
  • 4” Charge Line with Camlock
  • WAM 1500 CFM Silo Top Dust Collector
  • Quadra Point Type High Level Sensor
  • WAM Pressure Relief Valve
  • Discharge Butterfly Valve
  • Cone Aeration
  • Auger Disconnect Switch
  • Control Junction Box
  • Easily Connect to Your System

8” Discharge Auger

  • 26' Discharge Height
  • 45 Deg. Incline
  • 480V 3-Phase Motor
  • Suspension Lugs & Cable
  • Includes Discharge Rubber Sock
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